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Date : 17 / Mar / 2016
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Serenity Gathering 2016

Lake Hemet Campground, Idyllwild, CA

Serenity Gathering March 17-20, 2016
Lake Hemet Campground, Idyllwild, CA
Celebrating the Spring Equinox

A gathering to celebrate the feeling of ONE.

After a long summer of rebuilding and recharging The Serenity Family formally requests your presence on another journey of peace, love, and sound!

This year we choose to celebrate the Spring Equinox because it is the time where night and day, dark and light, are in perfect balance. This represents the balance we all have inside of us.
We invite you to be the best and most uplifting part of Serenity Gathering by bringing your truest and purest intentions.

Let’s bring the magic back!