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Date : 19 / Mar / 2015
Tel : 702.376.6732

Serenity Gathering

La Jolla Indian Reservation

A conscious gathering focused on creating an environment of positive collaboration among like minded individuals specifically geared towards art and music.

We choose to celebrate the new moon because it is the symbol of new beginnings. A time to breathe fresh energy in to your true self. This allows us to tune into our most humble intentions and make them possible in our daily lives. We have found that by intentionally gathering underneath these circumstances potential energy is likely to burst into spontaneous creation.


THE GROUNDS: La Jolla Indian Campground
This Festival is located on the fully permitted La Jolla Indian Reservation.
Beautiful forest land on the San Luis Rey River.
2 Hours South of LA, 1 hour North of San Diego

The La Jolla Indian Reservation consists of nearly 10,000 acres located at the base of Palomar Mountain in Northern San Diego County, California. Most of the land is undisturbed wilderness and is covered with many native plants and trees such as Sage, Chia, berries and many oak trees for making wiiwish (acorn pudding). There are also game such as deer and rabbit. These plants and game make up a small portion of our traditional food, all of which are still consumed by tribal members today.

Temperatures can range from the 70s in the day to the 40s at night. Be prepared for all types of weather, bring extra clothes and shoes!

DIRECTIONS: Do not use Google Maps
take all routes to the 10 east
Merge onto highway 15 south
continue 51 miles to the highway 76 Junction
Head East (inland) on highway 76
go 22.3 miles, there you will see a gas station on your right with a sign that
reads “La Jolla Indians Trading Post”
Turn right here and go down the hill to the entrance

Take all routes to highway 15 North. Follow directions above.

Ticket Info
Gates will open on Thursday at 9AM for general admission and on Wednesday at 9AM early entry pass holders. We encourage everyone to buy your ticket online before the event due to the possibility of selling out. Please arrive with your printed ticket and I.D. to make the entry process as quick and easy as possible for everyone!

Ticket Link:

Tier 1 – $95 *Sold Out*

Tier 2 – $120 *Sold Out*

Tier 3 – $140 *Sold Out*

Tier 4 – $160

Gate – $185

Get Involved:
If you attended Serenity Gathering last year then you know we can’t make it happen without you! Come to understand the sense of pride and enjoy the experience of actively engaging in creating an amazing time to be had by all.
All volunteer, art, vendor, & workshop applications are atserenitygathering.com under the ‘Get Involved’ tab!

They will be taken at the gate! This is for the safety of children that camp at our event. Pour all beer/alcohol/juice into plastic containers before arriving.

No drug use or illegal activity of any kind.

No re-entry. If you leave the festival you cannot come back.

No renegade sound systems.

No dogs.

No littering, especially cigarette butts. Bring a container!

Leave No Trace!