06 March 2013

Dead Can Dance – Children of the Sun

There has been a lot of creative energy in and out of the studio for the past few months. ┬áTas Limur was recently busy working on this music video for Dead Can Dance’s Children of the Sun. ┬áPlease check it out and show your support by liking it.

Here is Allan Amato’s description of the captivating imagery in this video:

“Winter, entropy, and ultimately rebirth, each character illuminated, even oppressed by the information culled from all that comes before, but still striking the chord that resonates through our discernible passage, a violin string spooling out over History, vibrating against cells that eddy back through to primordial man. The narrative evokes a prism through time within which we may reconcile the different versions of our constructed selves. Photographs, letters and drawings as metaphor for memory, how we transcribe our experiences, how we both preserve, translate and destroy our collective past. Art as a membrane through which knowledge and wisdom are transmitted to posterity; the video itself as a moving portrait, a transit, gathering the aggregate of those before, who are, and are yet to be; ancestors, lovers, the human artifact past and present, both real and imagined, venerated and sacrificed. “